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Best Certifications for Professionals in Project Management

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Project management certifications offer an easy for project managers and enthusiasts within the industry to take their knowledge and credibility forward. A recent research found out that 97 percent of all managers believe that a good knowledge of project management protocols is absolutely critical to the success of their organization. Fortunately, project managers realize the importance of certifications in the industry and are always on the lookout for opportunities in this regard.

However, which certification do you go for if you are looking to advance your skill set in the industry? Obviously there are a number of certifications up for grabs in the market today and you can learn something new about project management in almost all of them.

Organizations look to recruit and hire professionals that have done additional certifications to complement their skills set in the project management industry. In this article, we look at some of the certifications that project management firms today recognize and that will help land you a quality role in a reputable organization.

PMP: Project Management Professional

The PMP certification is recognized all across the industry and is noted down as one of the most important for project managers. The certification is available globally and can be taken up by enthusiasts from almost all countries in the world. Regardless of the background you come from or the industry you work in, you can ace your PMP certification to be considered for project management roles within the industry. A PMP certification is considered the gold standard of certifications in the project management industry and will open new doors of opportunity for you.

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Some of the prerequisites for the certification include:

· You will need to have the global equivalent of a secondary degree or a high school diploma.

· 35 hours of prior education in the project management domain

· 7,500 hours of experience managing and leading projects to success

CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management

CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management is the certification you need if you are looking for a qualification that will help set a unique identity for you in the job market and help enhance your credentials. The CAPM certification helps work on your project management skills and gives you a chance to implement those skills in industry leading opportunities.

Project managers who have done this certification are able to demonstrate their understanding of terminology, fundamental knowledge and effective project management in their leadership. CAPM remains valid for a period of 5 years and you may not need a PDU or a Professional Development Unit to renew it. The certification is also available globally and carries importance regardless of the nation you come from.

The prerequisites you should look after to get the certification include:

· A secondary degree or the global equivalent of a high school diploma

· 1,500 years of experience working in project management teams

· 23 hours or plus of project management education when you sit down for the exam

CSM: Certified ScrumMaster

The increasing implementation of agile methodology within most IT firms and tech organizations has led to the rise of job opportunities for Scrum masters. In consideration of this most professionals in the project management domain today are looking for certifications that help them become certified scrum masters. And no other certification does that better than CSM.

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As a certified CSM you will be able to implement the Scrum framework and gain a basic understanding of the agile methodology and how it translates into team roles, rules and other opportunities.

The prerequisites for the certification include:

· Knowing general information pertaining to how Scrum works

· Attending a two-day CSM course that takes around 16 hours

· Completing your profile for Scrum Alliance after you pass the exam

CompTIA Project+ Certification

The CompTIA Project+ Certification and examination are effective designed for project management professionals working on small and medium sized projects. This certification is for entry level project managers who are just entering the industry and don’t have much project management experience. The CompTIA Project+ Certification will help entry level professionals and project managers get a hang of the industry and will eventually help them work towards success in small and mid-size project management.

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CompTIA Project+ Certification is more convenient and versatile than all other certifications within the market because it does a good job covering all essential project management concepts that come in handy during project management. The certification and the examination go well beyond just methodologies and frameworks and help you get a hang of project basics, tools, change management, constraints and documentations. After this certification, you will be able to open a number of new doors and take your project management aspirations forward.

The prerequisites for this certification include:

· In-depth knowledge of how the project life cycle works

· Communication skills

· Project documentation expertise

· Ability to talk with stakeholders and manage resources

APM: Associate in Project Management

The APM or Associate in Project Management Certificate is a basic certification that helps familiarize you with project management framework. The APM certificate is recognized over the globe and is considered a necessity for all entry level professionals in the field of project management.

The exam for the APM certification comprises 50 MCQs, out of which, you are required to get 70 percent right for the certification. The certification is accepted globally, and there are no prerequisites required for it.

All professionals in the project management domain understand that the best way to keep their skills intact is to always keep learning and acquiring knowledge. The certifications in this article will help you acquire knowledge regardless of whether you are already working in project management or are new to the industry.