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Characteristics Displayed by Successful Project Managers

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A project manager is a professional tasked with overseeing all major aspects of a project from its start to its end. Some of the key responsibilities falling under a project manager are to plan, execute and oversee the process followed for each project, from start to finish. As a project manager, you will have a team under you, which you can assign tasks to for successful completion.

Some of the common responsibilities that come under a project manager include:

· Procuring the need for materials, technology and team members

· Developing schedules and timelines for the completion of the project

· Establishing project objectives and communicating them to everyone

· Managing the quality of the project along with time and cost

· Identifying all key stakeholders and managing their requirements

· Closing the project with the aim to meet all objectives

While there is no shortcut to success as a project manager, certain skills eventually improve their overall success in managing projects and leading their teams to success. Strong communication and leadership skills are absolutely necessary for project managers to take their projects to success and lead their teams forward.

Project management is a difficult role to manage. Project managers have to make sure that they up their game and take a leaf out of the book of successful project managers before them. Here, we look at some of the characteristics successful project managers have displayed.

Leadership Skills

The very first characteristic displayed by successful project managers the world over is leadership. Successful project managers display leadership skills because they cannot manage a team without them. As a project manager, you should be able to manage your team for success in the role effectively. You should be able to motivate your team forward and give them ambitions that they can effectively meet.

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Additionally, successful project managers recognize areas where their team can grow and focus on them to help their team reach the glory that is set for them.

Communication Skills

Besides being good leaders, successful project managers should be good at communication as well. Effective project management is only possible through effective communication. Project managers should be able to communicate all the expectations, responsibilities and goals of the project to stakeholders and team members.

The project manager acts as the focal point of contact for both stakeholders and team members, which is why they must be good at communication and oversee all requirements in the best manner possible for all.

Delegation Skills

Giving the right work to the right personnel can definitely help speed up the progress of work on a certain project. Project managers should be good at delegation and should set actionable goals that the team can follow. Delegating work might sound simple, but it can become complex when you have a well-established team with different skills and a budding repertoire. Delegation in such situations needs to be well thought out without any errors.

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Enthusiasm is an important skill that project managers should display. Enthusiasm can take project managers forward and can act as a contagious force that motivates others as well. Enthusiasm is key for being a successful project manager because it transcends on to the team as well and gives them a belief that the project can succeed forward.

Being enthusiastic also allows project managers to keep the team motivated and in a positive state of mind, where they can accept tasks and roles from everyone.

Problem Solving

No project manager ever succeeded without being good at problem solving. Problems are meant to be solved, often immediately, without creating negative traction without the team. A project manager must be able to identify problems through all stages of the project development process.

They should also be able to think on their feet and give solutions in a timely manner. Coming up with solutions on the go is necessary to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Team Building

Team building is another important characteristic that project managers have to meet and live up to. Being a good team builder is necessary to ensure good synergy within all members and to make sure that the team comes together as a unit and achieves the cumulative goals and objectives.

All members in a team have their own independent objectives, which is why bringing them together under one cumulative objective can often be tricky and challenging. Project managers have to ensure that they build the team together and give them a cumulative target.


Integrity is another characteristic that perfectly defines project managers. Integrity is also referred to as honesty and loyalty. Integrity is an important characteristic to have, as it can help set a decent example for your team to follow.

Your integrity will also help define your principles to the team and allow them to follow you as well. If you don’t set a good example, you will not be able to reap the rewards you desire.


Finally, competence is a characteristic that helps set good and successful project managers apart from others. Project managers should work on their competence to successfully manage projects and lead their teams to success. Competence also requires you to recognize areas where you don’t know much and when to look for guidance from others.

You can become a better project manager by following the characteristics we have mentioned above. These characteristics have been mentioned by project managers before you and have led to success. You can follow them and enjoy the same level of success and results in the long run.

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