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Project Management Tools for 2022

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Project managers act as leaders and trendsetters in organizations today. Not only do they have to lead their team towards the successful completion of projects, but they also have to make sure that they follow requirements to the dot and don’t leave anything unattended.

Project managers are basically running the show and are tasked with managing people, project requirements, deadlines and everything that comes within. Project managers may find it highly unlikely to meet project requirements without the assistance of special software tools that can help them reach project completion in time and can also aid in communication and collaboration.

Due to the number of tech innovations available in the market today, project managers today can play with a lot more tools than others before them could do. In this article, we take a look at some of the tools that project managers can look forward to in 2022 and can incorporate within their systems. Follow these tools and use them in your projects to get the best results.

Skype for Business

Just when we think that the corporate world might be forgetting Skype and the benefits that it offers, the tech giant has made a comeback with a revamped design. Skype gives both project managers and business owners the ability to immediately connect and communicate with remote teams working from different locations.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that resulted because of it has highlighted the role of Skype as a necessary tool for communication and collaboration.

Skype for Business is specifically made for corporate project managers and can help improve the communication between all stakeholders involved in the supply chain. The best part about Skype for Business is that it can connect remote employees together and can create a tech setting where everyone feels like they are working from the office.

The authentication and encryption methods followed by Skype for Business ensure that the meetings are protected at all times, and there is nothing from within them that can be leaked outside. All sessions held on Skype for Business are protected through the right encryption tools and mechanisms.

Project managers do tend to get all fidgety when it comes to thinking of data leaks, and Skype for Business gives them the satisfaction they need to make sure that things are in order, and nothing from the virtual meetings can get leaked.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft project operates with the sole purpose of satisfying project needs and meeting the expectations that project managers have from a simple tool to manage projects. The Microsoft Project tool comes with all the necessary resources required to track projects that are in progress, distribute resources evenly and plan development across the board.

As we have discussed previously, project managers are managing multiple resources at one time. They oversee numerous requirements and have to make sure that things are always in order.

Microsoft Projects can give project managers the assistance they need in all primary tasks coming under them. The tool comes with numerous benefits, including:

· Complete tracking of all project details across the length of the project.

· All work is organized using the scheduling work on MS project

· Project managers can benefit from the customization features on offer.

· There are numerous options to add ideas, add data representation graphs and filter the data on the platform.

· Records are managed efficiently.

· A number of project risks are predicted in time for prevention purposes.


Evernote is a simple yet effective tool that has caught our attention. The tool is perfect for project managers in the age of data and allows them to build a huge knowledge base. Evernote is the go-to solution for project managers and gives them the opportunity to present all kinds of to-do lists and the information available to them in presentable formats.

Evernote can also act as a virtual assistant for project managers on the go. It summarizes all information and helps in the planning and distribution of resources across the board.


Trello takes the kanban principle of lean management forward and provides a solution that includes all principles and key ideas implemented by Toyota in Japan. Trello is basically a monitoring solution that implements the best monitoring principles for monitoring ideas within the production phase.

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The tool is perfectly designed for individual assignments, management teams, manufacturing organizations and project teams. The Trello interface includes different ideas and basically summarizes projects and processes that are currently in the works. Trello also comes with color tags, a list of tasks to be done in the firm, descriptions, comments, deadline management and a lot more to take project managers through difficult times.

Microsoft Visio

Visio by Microsoft is an amazing vector graphic that works perfectly fine on the Windows OS. The best part about Visio is that it does a stellar job to improve performance and give project managers the relief they need from extra work on the table.

The Visio app includes flowcharts, pictorials and other forms of data representation to present tracking information to project managers on the go. Data from Visio can also be imported to other applications and tools to make it easy for project managers to form assessments and reach conclusions.

Project managers today really are spoilt for choice since they have access to a wide variety of applications and tools to simplify the management of diverse teams. Choosing the right project management tool for your tasks shouldn’t be a headache because there are numerous reviews and guidelines available online. The world of automation has made project management easier and we hope you are able to truly benefit from it.

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